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learn from the members themselves!

"My husband and I wanted to simplify our lives and join a senior housing cooperative. We were in our early 50’s when we joined Gramercy and, thankfully, both HUD and the Gramercy board made an age exception for us. Now we have more time to put into careers, take care of aging parents, see and entertain friends, and pursue hobbies and volunteer work. We split our time between the east and west metro and have convenient commutes to wherever we want to go! That's why we chose Gramercy IGH."

-  A Martinez  -

"Secluded; view of our private, magnificent gardens, trees – all in the heart of the city."

-  M Seng  -

Finding the right place

"Finding a place for me to live was a one-year project. 

I had taken two tours of Gramercy – one as part of a spring open house event and one private visit. My five daughters assisted in finding the right place for me. 

(I was planning to move from my townhouse in Inver Grove Heights.) After viewing various senior apartments, my daughters decided Gramercy was the place for me. They loved the “feel” of the place. 


Now, six months later, I have a beautiful viewing,
a beautiful apartment, and I love my new
home more every day."

-  D McAndrews  -

"After researching and visiting other co-ops,

touring Gramercy three times, plus talking to

current members, I moved to Gramercy in 2008. 

What appealed the most was its convenience to everything important to me; the friendliness of the people I met; its management and financial stability; plus the safety and security I observed. 


I don’t have to worry about the upkeep of the

grounds, shoveling snow or even general maintenance other than my own apartment. There are many more advantages to living here but one of my favorite is I can leave for Arizona in the winter, shut my door, and I don’t have to worry about a thing. Gramercy is like one big happy family living under one big roof!"

-  K Voye  -

"We are in a great location – clean air – close to freeways. We enjoy a very large yard with vegetable and flower gardens plus apatio with many lawn chairs where we congregate as a “group of neighbors” enjoying each other’s stories. We have a great party room and enjoy catered meals for special holidays and also enjoy games here. The “inside” garage is extremely wonderful. Go to your unit, close the door, you will find quiet time. What could be better!"

-  D Waska  -

"I moved into Gramercy in 2000. Best thing I have ever done! You are never alone and feel safe and secure. I travel a lot and never have to worry about my home. Mail is locked up and secure. People are friendly and ready to help when needed. Living at Gramercy involves No work, NO stress…just fun and relaxation."

-  J Lindman  -

What’s not to love?

"A clean, safe, well-maintained, beautiful property
filled with caring, friendly people who all work together to keep it this way. For a single gal like me, it is affordable and ideal. I love my apartment."

-  S Peterson  -

"Gramercy Park  –

the “NO” Place, 

No stairs to climb,

No grass to mow,

No snow to shovel,

Gramercy Park – Yes!"

-  J & H Fignar  -

"I like not having to care for my house and yard,

having my utilities and other needs met with a

“work order” (“thank you, Justin!”). The feeling of security here makes it feel like home and it’s so nice to have so many friendly neighbors!"

-  J Klein  -

"Gramercy gives us the flexibility and security of knowing our home is safe while we travel and winter in Arizona. We enjoy the variety of activities and fellowship that are available. It allows us the opportunity to interact with our neighbors."

-  K & M Kube  -

"A great place to live. People are friendly and very helpful. Gramercy Park is run by its own members and communicates with all its members through the Board of Directors. We also have our own maintenance people to help with problems."

-  Anonymous  -

"We were looking to downsize and were ready to give up all the workassociated with upkeep of a home as we near full retirement age. Gramercy afforded us the perfect opportunity to remain close to where all of our children and grandchildren reside. We have met wonderful new people to share conversation with and the cost of living in this cooperative is very reasonable."

-  P & B Reinsberg  -

"No more mowing the lawn, No more snow shoveling. In the winter, we get into a warm car in a heated garage, No need for snow boots."

-  B L Friedrich  -

"Nice to live where you have your own space and privacy but know you are not alone at the same time."

-  Anonymous  -

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